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every with me that today we need a blue-collar conservative project which has taxes are people who work hard, do the right thing and want to get on? stop spending billions of pounds we don't have on overseas aid where we saw -- helping with their cost of living -- [inaudible] >> first of all, can i thank the honorable frien thing for givine the opportunity to remind people that even before this budget in two weeks time there will be a tax cut for 24 million people in our country? [shouting] as we raise the amount of money you can earn before you pay tax come we will take an over too many people out the tax altogether. we have frozen the council tax. we have canceled fuel duty increase after fuel duty increase, and we are legislating -- and i can also tell him where not going to carry on with a proposal made by the previous energy secretary which was about 179 pounds on everybody's bill. we decided to scrap that. >> ed miliband. [shouting] >> trento want to ask the primers about the situation in cyprus. can the prime minister update the house what is being done to protect the british nat
together. during my time in public life, i've been a tax auditor, tax commission. i've been and attorney general. so this is an area that a think i've kind of two perspectives on but how difficult it is to do security, how difficult it is to wake up every day and realize primarily your mission is to protect this country and to protect people. but the only we can do it is when we are held accountable for how we do it. and we are in a time of pretty tough budget questions. and when we have 10 years where we are not able to pass audits it gets increasingly difficult to justify to the american public that we are doing the right thing here. now, i'm new to this, and i can tell you maybe if i sat through 10 hearings like this on a gao audit i would be a little tougher. but i want to give you an example of why the american public is frustrated. recently in north dakota you guys removed three scanners, full body scan is, to move to other locations, to replace scanners that you had to replace because they did not pass privacy measures. minot, north dakota, is a place of great economic growth. in
in the unlikely deep blue state of washington. they went door to door talking about taxes and government spending, and they flipped their state senate to a fiscally-responsible majority caucus. [cheers and applause] willing the torch of liberty, the constitution in our country perish or endure? if we stand and speak for our principles, if we show americans our vision for the future, if we fight for freedom, our country will endure. [cheers and applause] will you clink glasses with the powerful elite? >> no! >> will you link in the face of opposition -- blink in the face of opposition? >> no! >> or will you stand up and fight boldly on principle? >> yes! [cheers and applause] >> patriots, stand with us and fight for freedom! [cheers and applause] fight for our constitution! fight with us for the rights endowed by our creator; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! fight for a better future like ronald reagan did! [cheers and applause] like rand paul, michele bachmann, steve king, scott walker, like tea party patriots do around this country every day! [cheers and applause] and when you stand a
, support the translates into prioritized spending of tax dollars is that the public you space much as most people view their cars. they just wanted to work. they don't care about the mechanics or the combustion engine or how to build or repair the car. they just want to drive the car. similarly with space because of the resounding success of nasa and other organizations, responsible for putting substantial space infrastructure into orbit, americans, indeed, people all over the world, use their atm card, with gps and their cars and boats ever lie on the weather channel to tell them whether they should carry an umbrella totally oblivious to the role the space plays in providing that information. so in that regard the immediate benefit to space activity are not forgotten the most of the public. perhaps that knowledge was never known in the first place. space is associated largel largh exploration comments are considered expendable during times of economic restraint, something that can be put off until later. but the premise is incorrect, even regarding exploration. infrastructure isn't built
for almost $1 trillion of new taxes. on the spending side, there is a, i think, a relatively modest amount, not adequate but at least there is an amount of health care savings in the amount of $275 billion. but interestingly, that is not in a reconciliation instruction. and so we do not have the protection and assistance of a reconciliation instruction for the entitlement reforms that are in the budget, but we do for the tax increases that are in the budget, which results in this interesting circumstance. the tax increases by this budget would be almost guaranteed -- well, would be guaranteed to occur because the filibuster would be avoided through reconciliation. and the reforms of the entitlement system would be guaranteed not to occur because they would face a 60-vote margin having been kept out of the reconciliation instruction. what this amendment does is put the health care savings of the budget into a reconciliation instruction so we can at least start down the path of dealing with reform of our entitlement system. mrs. murray: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator fro
tax dollars lost to waste, fraud, and abuse. speaking with an iraqi official, special insector, stuart was told, you can fly in a helicopter around baghdad and other cities, but you cannot point a finger to a single project that was built and completed by the united states. mr. speaker, unfortunately these lost opportunities and tragic mistakes are not behind us. as the daughter of a 25-year veteran of the armed forces, i recognize the sacrifices our young men and women have made in iraq and continue to make in afghanistan. i am deeply concerned with the widespread incidences of ptsd and the alarming suicide rates among our returning veterans. we need to honor our troops who served and show our support by giving our o men and women who served the best health care, the best educational opportunities, and the best job available. they deserve nothing less. it is my hope that this reckless and shortsighted decision will mark a turning point in american history and that that we will never again wage an unnecessary war. we must use all the tools of america's power in resolving disputes, incl
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6